Faux Photos

Photoshopping pictures of celebrities in magazines is nothing new.

 In fact, it has come to be expected, especially when it involves A-list celebrities, say in a female targeted fashion magazine.

Just this week, un-photoshopped pictures of the well-known actress Jennifer Aniston were obtained by Gawker, and now representatives of the photo agency that took the photos are threatening to sue if Gawker does not take them down. So far, Gawker is sticking to their guns and not taking down any pictures from their site.

So what’s the big deal? These kinds of magazines use Photoshop all the time. Well, just glancing at Aniston’s un-touched photos, any viewer can see her facial wrinkles and freckles…Wait, even celebs like Jennifer Aniston get wrinkles in their forties? I know, I was shocked too.

Yes, these photos show her real age and skin texture, but why is this a bad thing?

It’s the timeless story of real women and girls of all ages comparing what they see in the mirror to what they see when they walk down the magazine aisle of the drugstore.

 Altered Faces

Ladies, we’ve all done it. Wishing and hoping and trying to look like the flawless image of that gorgeous celebrity or “It Girl” of the moment on the cover of Vogue, Cosmo, or Shape. To have that toned body, that flawless face, and that flowing hair. Although most of us understand that these are not real images, but severely altered illustrations, we still time after time forget that these photos do not represent reality.

 Any half-educated woman knows in the back of her mind that fashion and glamour magazines Photoshop the pictures. However, we still get caught up in the glamour and beauty of these celebs on magazines covers, and we need to sometimes be reminded and pulled back to reality and realize that these images are simply not real, but modified representations of the individuals we see on TV.

I think these images of Aniston side by side (from un-photoshopped to photoshopped) do just that. The un-touched image pulls us back down to earth just as we are ogling at her flawless skin in the post-photoshopped picture. We are presented with a real photo of a real woman and are reminded that what we see in the mirror everyday really isn’t so far off from from these so-called glamouros celebs.

 PR Potential

Ok, enough on women and body image. Here’s the PR lesson that can be taken from this whole ordeal. So far, Aniston nor her reps have spoken up about this issue. It could be great for Aniston’s image to publicly address what is going on here and to recognize that yes, this is what she looks like in an un-touched photo and that she herself is ok with it and embraces every wrinkle and freckle on her face. Aniston would gain a lot more respect from not only her fans, but the public in general.

 Lately, the public is embracing natural beauty.

Kim Kardashian Un-Photoshopped

Just look at Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular female celebs at the moment. She admits that she has cellulite and people love her for it. She even posted a pre-photoshopped image from a photo shoot to her website. Aniston, could really take advantage of this opportunity to boost her America’s sweetheart image even more.

Who knows, she may even convert some Team Jolie fans to her side.


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